wifi connectivity in a crisis

The importance of connectivity in a crisis

In 2020, COVID 19 caused a sanitary, economic, and social crisis that has been easier for citizens and companies to adapt to thanks to the Internet connection. Learn more about the importance of connectivity in a crisis

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Digital BSS desk and laptop

The current situation of digital BSS

In telecommunications, Business Support Systems (BSS) is both the software and all the processes that are necessary for the back-office functionality. For a telecom operator, BSS scopes include the management of audience ratings, orders, products, billing, etc. In this article you will learn more about the benefits of operators with digital BSS.

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digital transformation mobile phone

Digital transformation: The impact of 5G

5G is the next generation of mobile networks. It includes technologies and standards that increase data speed, responsiveness (lower latency), and the massive connectivity of wireless networks. In this article, we will analyze the impact of 5G on digital transformation. Also, you will learn how 5G differs from 4G and how these two will coexist in the future

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