Internet of Things technologies and their impact on telecommunications

Iot internet of things future opportunities

The Internet of Things (IoT) implies the digitization of common devices

The IoT, Internet of Things, refers to devices and their digitization, from sensors and actuators to common objects such as vehicles, recording cameras, medical implants, clothing, etc.

With these digitally connected devices, the users can send and receive information to perform inconceivable tasks until recently. For example, viewing company security cameras from a smartphone.

Therefore, we can see how the Internet of Things is becoming a real revolution in our way of living and working.

IoT applications are diverse, from home automation, cities, buildings, industry, or telecommunications. According to Gartner, by 2021 there will be about 25 billion connected IoT devices.

Some IoT devices have the ability to receive orders and provide information directly to the users. This communication ability is called the user interface.
Furthermore, we can also talk about the network interface. The network interface is the means by which that communication is carried out.

IoT devices can connect with other devices within your local network through different standards such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In addition, as they have Internet access, they also have the ability to connect with other devices located anywhere in the world.


Redefining the telecommunications industry by the Internet of Things

The IoT has many layers resulting in a connected ecosystem. For example, the telecommunications industry typically provides the connectivity layer. Additionally, as IoT devices become more widely available and digitization roadmaps become more prominent, businesses are dramatically increasing their appetite for data. In this way, network providers have to review their infrastructure, partnerships, and business models to stay ahead. Telecommunications companies have to look for new challenges and new sources of income.

The users can apply the IoT to any device that interacts with the external environment. Therefore, the telecommunications industry can significantly achieve benefits by acquiring the ability to offer sustainable, safe, and efficient services.

The Internet of Things leverages mobile devices, sensors, and connectivity to drive interactions and gain endpoints between physical and non-physical objects. Telecommunications companies can work to reduce costs and generate new sources of income and value. They can acheive that by tailoring their services to meet the demands of consumers, industry, and society.

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The great challenge for telecommunications operators

The emergence of IoT presents exciting opportunities for telecommunications in several areas:

Telecommunications companies already have a solid foundation and can maintain a complex connected environment. In this way, they can be connectivity providers and serve to IoT service providers the necessary infrastructure to connect machines and sensors.

Device management
Managing the lifecycle of IoT devices, including connectivity and application, device design, manufacturing, integration, deployment, and retirement, is a priority. In this sense, telecommunications companies can forge partnerships with other companies and service providers. They also can integrate themselves into the IoT ecosystem as experts in managing the life cycle of all connected devices.

Data and analytics
Telecommunications companies access tons of data that are produced and transferred through connected devices. They will be able to focus on the analysis of critical data, exerting ethical use to obtain detailed information thanks to the IoT. This can become an innovative opportunity for the greater satisfaction of consumer deliveries and improved products.

Improved network, better platform, and functionality solution
At last, the mobile network must connect one machine to another without interruptions. It needs the cloud to be solid, flexible, scalable, and containing an agile infrastructure.


As you see, Internet of Things cloud technology is essential for mobile operators.
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