CENTUM has developed the hybrid OPP platform that facilitates the process of the APN configuration to their customers with the correct parameters by providing the operator with different mechanisms for requesting configurations (Triggers) and a web interface for monitoring the process with all the data necessary to make strategic or commercial decisions.

router apn configuration

Service Provisioning Platform

OPP uses open protocols such as OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) Device Management to offer APN configuration services designed along network operators to comply with their needs and provide seamless user experiences.

Get your look and feel on the platform web interfaces to achieve perfect integration with your site.

Nearly 50% of your customers access your site or request configuration services for their Android or iPhone APN and our responsive design looks so good in their screen.

Increase customer satisfaction and avoid frustration with automatic configurations and well defined process.

phone apn configuration

Automatic APN Configuration

Introducing APN settings manually on a smartphone is a tedious task for regular users.

OPP is a complete solution to manage the internet parameters of your customer’s devices. Launch configurations through any of our triggers and monitor the whole process in real-time.

Cut costs at your call center with OPP-OTA APN Setup. Get the most from every configuration trigger and make your users feel welcomed in the process.

walle apn configuration

Service Managment

Each configuration process can be traced and analyzed with our monitoring tool.

Get real time insights on your customer base usage at a glance accessing our dashboard. Download full or aggregated reports and generate your own statistics. Make the most of your data!

A detailed invoice along with a technical service bulletin will be sent every month.

Download the API documentation and get all the technical support needed to ensure the best service performance.

Please click here if you want to learn more about OPP. Also, keep in mind that you can contact us any time you’d like.